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My company was founded in2012Years05Month11Day,Registered in guangzhou baiyun district xinguang from highway from 2 feature196—208NumberA309Room,Scope of business is construction and installation industry,Mainly engaged in the elevator of the old communities,Equipped with elevators, etc,The registered capital1000Wan。Company is located in baiyun district in guangzhou baiyun avenue north1-2Yongtai business centerA309,Other famous private companies within the industry。As a professional guangzhou multi-story buildings equipped with elevator sales(Maintenance and repair)The company,The company USES the excellent network technology and strict management system,Adhere to“Let customer satisfaction,Profit for our customers”For the purpose of the service,To serve our customers heart and soul。

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Supply of multi-story buildings equipped with elevator price_ Multi-storey buildings equipped with elevator share pictures(Certification business)
Guangdong key elevator engineering co., LTD. The main products are:     Steel shaft sightseeing elevator、Concrete structure shaft elevator、Buildings with elevators、Villa elevator equipped with elevator such as one-stop service(Site survey、Provide solution and quotation、Sign the contract、To establish design and planning、Shaft construction、The elevator installation、Planning and acceptance、Special elevator equipment acceptance、Delivery owner to use、Assist to apply for government subsidies)       When it comes to the people's livelihood issues in real estate related,The most able to attract everybody eyeball several keywords should be included:Demolition、The subway、Village renovation and refurbishment、Buy the New Deal、Admission issues。All affect the daily life of millions of people。Today is a small make up the elevator equipped with problems in residential renovation。With the elevator,A unit within the household is usually divided into two parties,Agree with pie and villain。A confrontation between the bulls and the villain,Small to ordinary disputes,Big enough to。Nanjing currently mounted to the elevator,Is not very optimistic,Generally an old neighborhood in all building can smooth add is very rare,Usually some add,And the other didn't add,Present scattered flowering。        Represented by the first floor of the lower floor tenants often opposed,Especially on the first floor itself does not need to use the elevator,Therefore, with no clear benefit for its。But after installing the elevator will be involved in costs and the occupied area of public green space、Public roads and parking and other public areas,Equipped with elevator still exist in the process of security and other issues,Influence of low-level traffic ventilation、Daylighting,There is also a noise problem,The underlying the owner of the lower quality of life,Compression of the fire escape。      In favor of the pie is a delegate with top-level households high floor tenants,Equipped with a lift to enhance the ease of its life,No longer shivering in the winter while climbing the stairs to go home,Don't have to sweat profusely in hot summer days at home,Not to mention in the home shopping carry something bitter ha ha,Nanjing here, you know,A house with no elevator,Want to buy some big furniture or appliances will be upstairs fees charged by the delivery man。With the old man and the child in the home,Equipped with the elevator,Also for the elderly and parents travel has brought great convenience。For the elderly,Climbed up the top floor is difficult to climb huashan。After adding the elevator at the same time,High floor will realize the value of a significant value。